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Private Practice Season Premier

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SUCH a great episode!!!  🙂  The finale last season was a real cliffhanger with Violet’s patient drugging her and doing a cesarean section in her living room in order to steal her baby.  (How do they come up with this stuff?!)  When they released the season opener’s title “A Death In The Family” I really didn’t know what to think.  None of the entertainment reports had said anything about Amy Brenneman leaving the show, but you never know, right?  Then the episode opens with Pete, Sam & Naomi at a funeral…  ***stomach drops***  Then it turns out to be a flashback to Pete’s wife’s funeral as he walks into Violet’s house and finds her bleeding to death on the floor.

This whole episode was a mix of each character’s personal trauma with the event, Addison & Naomi in surgery trying to save Violet, and Pete’s flashbacks to when he and Violet met right after his wife died.  I loved the unusual cuts they used for the flashbacks.  Instead of shifting directly back and forth, or doing some weird fade in-fade out thing, they did really quick cuts, but a couple of them each time, kind of like blinking.  Very effective, I thought.
My favorite part was Addison’s outburst at Naomi.  They found the baby and he needs surgery too and Naomi gets mad at Addison for not letting another doctor work on the baby.  Addison goes off on her about how she has screwed up everything else in her life, but surgery is what she is good at, and its all she has to offer “her people”, which basically means her true family, her friends.  I love Addison’s character.  She acts so tough, but she may be the most vulnerable of any of them, but she knows it about herself and she’s able to compartmentalize it and do what she has to do for the ones she loves.
This was by far my favorite episode of Private Practice, and a cliffhanger rivaling “Who Killed J.R.?”  lol  Click here to see the full episode and make sure to watch Private Practice on Thursday nights at 10pm on ABC!
Favorite Quote: “Wear a condom…tell your friends.” ~Sheldon

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Yay! Baby picture!

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I am so glad we didn’t have to wait too long.  Idina Menzel & Taye Diggs were kind enough to release a photo of two week old baby Walker to the Associated Press earlier today.  Is this not the cutest picture you’ve ever seen?!

Welcome to the world Walker Nathaniel Diggs!

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One of my favorite performers (singer, songwriter, actress) is Idina Menzel.  I saw her in concert for the first time back in March, and less than a week later she announced that she and her husband, Private Practice star Taye Diggs, were expecting their first baby in September.  Well, folks, he’s finally here!  Walker Nathaniel Diggs was born yesterday in L.A. and all reports say that mom & baby are doing great.  I just wanted to offer my congratulations to the family.  I can’t wait for baby pictures!